Silver membership

As you order first time at Tawak, you become a Silver member,with a billing range between Rs. 0 – 5,000. Silver members earn 5% points of the total bill, i.e. they earn 1 point on every Rs. 20 spent.

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Gold membership

A Gold member of the treasurer’s club with total billing amount in the range of Rs. 5001–10000, earn 6% of the amount as points in their m-card. Thus, making it 1 point for every Rs. 15 spent at Tawak restaurant.

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Platinum membership

As your bill value exceeds Rs. 10,001, you become a Platinum member. Being a Platinum member, you earn 10% of your bill value in the form of points, i.e. you earn 1 point on every Rs. 10 spent.

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