Earn & Use Points

Earn Points Every Time You Shop

Tawak Treasurers aims to reward all our Tawak customers. Under this program, all the people who dine-in at the restaurant will be awarded points on every bill at Tawak.

Celebrate with Tawak& Earn More

We invite you to celebrate your special days with us and we would love to capture your celebrations and make them more special. So, we have introduced 100 Bonus points for you all, if you dine with us on your birthday or anniversary. Thus, making sure that it is beneficial as well as fun for you to dine in at Tawak.

Treasurers’ Toll

As you order first time at Tawak, you become a Silver member,with a billing range between Rs. 0 – 5,000. Silver members earn 5% points of the total bill, i.e. they earn 1 point on every Rs. 20 spent. A Gold member of the treasurer’s club with total billing amount in the range of Rs. 5001–10000, earn 6% of the amount as points in their m-card. Thus, making it 1 point for every Rs. 15 spent at Tawak restaurant. As your bill value exceeds Rs. 10,001, you become a Platinum member. Being a Platinum member, you earn 10% of your bill value in the form of points, i.e. you earn 1 point on every Rs. 10 spent.

Bonus on Monthly visits

Tawak Treasurers wish to identify die-hard Tawak fans and reward them exclusively. So, if you dine with us at the restaurant or order for a home delivery, for 5 or more times in a calendar month, you get a 100 points as bonus in your m-card.

Also, in case you have organized for a large treat for your friends or a family get-together at Tawak and your bills exceed Rs. 1 Lakh in a quarter, you are entitled to earn 1000 bonus points.

Every point that adds to your m-card accounts for one rupee, thus, at any day when you are short of money, you can avail a discount of the same amount on your bill.

The points get accumulated in your account, which you may view on the mobile app. Download the app to register yourself and get your m-card in your mobile app. You can redeem your points for any of the dishes at the restaurant with a minimum of 300 points and thereafter in multiples of 100.

Isn’t it tempting??? So, just install the app on your mobile phone and register yourself soon.

Tawak Treasurers
S.NoSlab NameMinimumMaximumPoints
1Silver 050005%
2Gold 5001100006%
3Platinum 100015000010%